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CoTCCC approved Hemostat

Celox™ Haemostatic Gauze Approved by US Military

the US Department of Defense’s Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care (CoTCCC) has added CELOX™ Haemostatic Gauze to its guidelines for control of hemorrhage as approved hemostatic agents for military-wide use. 

CeloxTM Haemostats for traumatic bleeding

CeloxTM Haemostats are dressings to control major haemorrhage including life-threatening bleeding from arterial injuries.  They are simple and effective, stopping major bleeding with three minutes of compression.  The technology used has been the same since first launched in 2006 and is safe in use with no heat generated.

Celox is adopted as standard by emergency services and military Medical Corps, with remarkable published results from the battlefield and in emergency medicine.  The product is available in a range of formats for different uses; please click on the image at the page header that corresponds best to your area to learn more about Celox or scroll through the product pages.

Who uses Celox?

Celox treats severe and life-threatening bleeding in many settings.

As well as being used by civilian paramedics, it is used by the military and tactical units, law enforcement, in the workplace or remote locations and humanitarian relief. We also provide products for veterinary animal health, details of which are available below.

Medilink Innovation winner 2014 Haemostats

Celox Rapid Haemostatic Gauze won the UK Medilink Innovation award recognising its ability to stop bleeding  with only 60 seconds of compression in emergency situations.


Solutions for other problems with bleeding

Celox in Action

Success Stories

Workplace injury – food processing plant

I’ve used one of the Celox gauze pads on a fairly deep laceration that one of our employees had on his forearm and it works…

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