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The Celox products you can see today were developed and commercialised in Crewe, UK, by MedTrade Products Ltd.

MedTrade is an ethical dynamic fast growing medical device company, founded in 1999 and with a substantial history of providing excellent high quality wound care products for hospitals and retail shops worldwide. www.medtrade.co.uk

Celox and MedTrade Offices Crewe

BSI Certificate LogoAll our products are made to the high
standards of both ISO 13485 and FDA cGMP.


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Bainbridge Island, WA

The fundamentals of Celox technology were developed in Bainbridge Island, WA by a research team put together by Tim Evans (a highly ethical philanthropist / marine biologist). We are very grateful to both Tim and his amazing team for their skills and commitment.

Success Stories

Will save the lives of dogs

I used Celox last weekend on a hunting dog and was very pleased with the results. One of the dogs was hit in the shoulder…

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