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Success Stories

Blood on the ice: 5 Year old loses fingers ice skating

I am a MSA licensed rescue personnel and part of the personal rescue medical crew for our classic sports car club. I am medically trained to a high level and do some front line ambulance work too. I was first introduced to Celox at a training session, hosted by MediTech at Rockingham motor raceway, where…
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Cas Gosbee

Landscaping accident

Jamie, a professional landscaper with an interest in medicine recounts his experience of how a typical day turned into one he would rather forget. Often working alone on landscaping projects James is always cautious of potential hazards on the job such as handling sharp tools and lifting heavy loads especially since James started receiving anticoagulant…
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Jamie Hail, Professional Landscaper

Motorsport impalement

Motorsport can be a thrilling affair but it’s not without its risks. Motorbike riders in particular can present injuries that can be problematic to those responding. Helmets and protective clothing can inhibit identifying bleeding injuries, increasing the urgency for swift action. However in the following account the bleeding site was more obvious to the paramedics…
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Motorsport medic

A man accidentally stabs himself in the groin but lives to thank the emergency service team

A Man who accidentally stabbed himself in the groin has thanked the Air Ambulance medical team who flew to his rescue*, treating the stabbing injury on scene and evacuating him as fast as possible. The father of two was holidaying in a campsite when he slipped while preparing a chicken curry dinner. The Great North…
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Great North Air Ambulance Service (GNAAS)

Workplace injury – food processing plant

I’ve used one of the Celox gauze pads on a fairly deep laceration that one of our employees had on his forearm and it works exactly like you told me it would. No problem at all, he had to have sutures and the Celox rinsed clean out of the wound leaving a nice suture line.…
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KB, Occupational Health Nurse Practitioner

Confirmed Trauma Kit & Celox Deployments and Lives Saved

OSS Trauma Plate kits: Case 4 Dispatched to a shooting victim. Arrived on scene to a male with a GSW to the lower abdomen. Utilized my trauma kit and applied Celox Hemostatic Gauze to GSW.  At hospital in critical care.    
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Confirmed Trauma Kit & Celox Deployments and Lives Saved

OSS Trauma Plate kits: Case 3 I used my trauma kit as well as another officer’s and my own army windlass tourniquet for the shooting up at X this past Sunday night.  He was shot 7 times with a .45 cal.  I applied two tourniquets and was able to stop the bleeding, and the victim woke up…
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Confirmed Trauma Kit & Celox Deployments and Lives Saved

OSS Trauma Plate kits: Case 2 Double Shooting in the 1400 block of XX Ave: located victim laying on his side behind a camper. One gunshot to his back (protruding), one gun shot to stomach and a gunshot to his head. Subject was conscious/breathing/talking. Colleague retrieved trauma kit from vehicle. We utilized gloves, Celox gauze…
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Ofc. M, Read the third of the six cases here

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