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Success Stories

Confirmed Trauma Kit & Celox Deployments and Lives Saved

OSS Trauma Plate kits: Case 1 Officer Involved Shooting: Sgt. ‘X’ was shot with a 7.62 mm round from an assault rifle in the hip. He survived. Celox Gauze from OSS Med Pack was used for direct pressure. Wound was too high up to use anything else.  

Ofc. M, Read the second of the six cases here

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Celox first time use by first responder

As a Police Community Support Officer I volunteer part of my time as an NHS first responder and respond to emergencies when ambulances are too far away or not available or simply when time is of the essence. I’d done some training in use of Celox haemostatic agents some time ago and decide to carry…

Vincent Preston, PCSO, Leicestershire

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Troodos Mountains trail accident

We had a situation whilst on an outdoor activity a few months ago in the Troodos Mountains where I had to treat one of my friends who injured his leg. We were following a path called “psila dendra – pouziaris” a 9km trail that passes through deep forest and small rivers which is a 4…

Kyritsis Evangelos, Rescue volunteer of Limassol Civil Defence Rescue Team and EFR Instructor, Cyprus National Guard

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Tree surgeon accident

My business partner had a close shave today with a new saw, cut right across the wrist, this is the first time we have had to use Celox and I was a bit sceptical when I opened the pack, I thought it was a pack of sawdust I had been sold but hey it works!…

Tree Surgeon, UK

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Leg Injury

While on patrol an Afghan National Army soldier was injured as a result of an IED blast. He sustained a below knee traumatic amputation of the left leg and was initially treated on the scene by Afghan medics who applied both tourniquet and dressings to the injury. Following treatment of the injured leg we found that…


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Celox Rapid Usage

I had my own “Makeshift Monday” It was a perfect day out on the Texas coast. I’m sitting on my surfboard in the back of the line up watching head high waves break and roll towards the beach. I think to myself how awesome it is I’m surfing and not at work. After about an…

Dark Angel Medical

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Veterinary Tumour

The dog had an anal tumour and the Celox gauze immediately stopped the profuse bleeding after surgery where no other product worked and also because the tumour was located around the anus which is a tricky place.


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Biceps injury

We recently had a case where we used Celox-hemostat. The situation was a public beach with 35-year-old man had stumbled into the lake when descending steps. His right arm caught a nail on the inside of the railing, about 3-5cm protruding. Result of the accident laceration to biceps were about 5cm deep and 10cm long…

KS, Paramedic

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