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Success Stories

Works in ‘the real world’

I have used your product in the real world and it works great, plus the price and performance is twice that of the competitive products. I am trying hard to get my command on board but do not have any left on me to show them. I only had three packages and used them all.…

Senior Medic, US Special Forces

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Every solider should carry Celox

I can tell you right now as for myself, CELOX is without a doubt the most exciting haemostatic dressing I have had the opportunity to work with. It is extremely easy to use, almost foolproof. I believe every soldier, not just every medic should carry CELOX on their kit


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Impressed by clotting capability

Some of my medics used CELOX a few weeks ago and were very impressed with its clotting capability. We only had one re-bleed but that was because the medic didn’t actually visualize the site and simply poured the packet into the wound cavity. Repositioning the patient so the CELOX came in contact with the wounded…

Ken B, US Army

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Blast injury: tactical squad

After I received the Celox I was wondering how I would test it, but the solution came very soon. I suffered a blast injury on my left hand, accompanied by massive bleeding. I was alone, and it took several minutes for my colleague to come for me. I forced myself to stay cautious and I…

Tactical squad officer

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Jugular injury

The 21-year-old man was working 25 feet up a tree when he slipped and inflicted deep wounds to his neck and arm with a chainsaw. The man had blood spurting from the wound as he dangled in mid air until his colleague managed to lower him to the ground. He was still conscious when paramedics…, Read Article Here

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Gunshot wound to chest

I work as a Paramedic at Skyline Hospital in White Salmon, WA. I want to share my experience with the Celox product. Our crew was dispatched to a large caliber GSW to the chest. After isolating the right lung, both entrance and exit wounds were sealed using the Celox product. The patient was able to…


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Fungating tumour

I have a fungating axilla. The tumour is through the skin and is subject to uncontrollable arterial bleeding. Previously I’ve laid in the GP’s surgery for up to 3 hours whilst the practice nurses tried to stem the bleeding. Then I’ve been rushed to hospital and go through the dressing over and over procedure. In…

UK Patient

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Varicose vein bleed not controlled by pressure

The case was a 48 year old male with varicose veins in his leg and foot. EMS was called after one began bleeding. Simple pressure was not very effective in stopping it. EMS applied Celox and bandaged the foot. He came to the ED with no further bleeding. Celox was washed off and he was…

Marvin Wayne, MD, FACEP, FAAEM

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