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Success Stories

Traumatic amputation

The Helimedix were called to a serious incident by the river on Saturday evening. A 65 year old man was with friends on their boat, when he fell into the water and caught his foot in the propeller – amputating his foot in the process. The patient was given A& E level critical care by…

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Clotting despite low platelet count

Had a patient with leukaemia yesterday and head laceration. Older person from a nursing home. Bleeding briskly and large scalp hematoma. Medics milked out hematoma and put CELOX into the wound. Worked like a charm. Her platelet count was low but she still clotted


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Hand crush injury

Regarding CELOX, we have some results from one of the biggest hospitals in Lithuania; they tried it on a man whose hand was crushed in a car accident and they are very happy with the results as the bleeding was stopped very quickly

Audrius J

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Will save the lives of dogs

I used Celox last weekend on a hunting dog and was very pleased with the results. One of the dogs was hit in the shoulder by a big wild boar which caused some major bleeding. The dog would have weighed about 28 kilo’s and lost about 500ml of blood by the time we got to…

Grant Boyle, Department Of Primary Industries, Australia

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Tumour removal

An 8 ½ lb tumour was removed from a male green sea turtle successfully in Honolulu, Hawaii. The surgery was a success with the use of Celox Granules. I knew there would be a lot of bleeding from a previous removal of a five pound tumour on another turtle in the same area, tying off…

Dr Robert Morris, DVM, MS marine biologist

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Packed bleeding abscess

Thought you might like to know about a gorilla at the Bronx Zoo. I learned today that the Bronx Zoo had an older gorilla with tooth problems and an abscess on what appeared to be his head. While the animal was under sedation for dental surgery, the vet team removed teeth, but while they treated…

Rita M.

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Prevents trips to Emergency Room

I purchased and used your product… I am on Coumadin since Jan 2009… I have been to the ER three times to stop bleeding since Jan. I have used Celox four times recently and it is amazing! I have given packs to several of my friends who are on Coumadin. I have not been to…


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Veterinary applications

A post-castration bleed – worked brilliantly. Excision of exuberant granulation tissue and preparation of granulation bed for grafting – much better than using swabs and direct pressure alone. A sinus surgery that bled profusely and required packing. Following removal of the packing the next day it bled again and we managed to inject the Celox…

Greg Quinn, Chine House Veterinary Hospital, Leicestershire

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