OMNI-STATTM Hemostats for procedural or emergency bleeding.

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Omni-stat rangeThe OMNI-STAT range of hemostats are used for problem bleeding including debridement, topical procedures, podiatry, ENT, Emergency Department or ICU use.  OMNI-STAT  has been tested clinically with effective results in a range of patients following debridement2.   Omni-stat haemostats are indicated for external use in moderate to severe bleeding under the direction of a physician.


1: The in-vivo assessment of an unusual new hemostat technology.  Johnson L et al.  SAWC, April 2008, San Diego. 2: Evaluation of Hemostatic Gauze Versus Standard of Care for the Treatment of Chronic Wounds in the Presence of Anticoagulants.  Snyder R, Sigal B.  SAWC, April 2013.

CELOXTM Vascular

For post-catheterization hemostasis. 

Celox Vascular pad Celox Vascular offers a way to save time after cardiac catheter or interventional radiology procedures.  The product is easy to use and stops bleeding significantly faster than gauze control, in a bleeding artery with a 16 Fr puncture1 without any internal device needed. Click here for more information.

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