CeloxTM Hemostatic Gauze is recommended by CoTCCC

TCCC approved military hemostats

TCCC approved

The US Department of Defense’s Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care (CoTCCC) has added CELOX™ Gauze to its guidelines for control of hemorrhage as approved hemostatic agents for military-wide use.   Already in use by US Special Forces due to it’s superior results, the approval of the CoTCCC makes CELOX™ Gauze a standard ordering and procurement hemostatic dressing for all branches of the US military. The CoTCCC decision now makes CELOX available to every member of the DOD’s forces, and CELOX can be added to and reordered for all wound care and medical kits in US military use.  

Military Hemostats Study

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Highest survival in latest DoD testing.

In tests conducted by the US Navy1, subjects treated with Celox had the highest rate of observed survival –  90 % survival, that is 20 % more than any other hemostatic gauze in the test1. (see here for more detail).   Celox has a substantial history of use on the battlefield (with conventional and special forces) and has repeatedly proven itself  safe and effective in battlefield settings.  

Military Product Range


Celox Rapid Gauze

Celox Rapid Gauze is the latest product, with significantly faster treatment times for use in tactical medicine.  

Celox Gauze Packs

Celox Gauze

Celox Gauze is the most popular form for military use. Now available in z-fold for easier use in the field, it can be used in the most challenging conditions.  The gauze presentation makes it easy to train people who are familiar with basic packing technique so it works in stressful situations.  

 Celox Rapid Ribbon with traveller pocket items, keys etc

 Celox Rapid Ribbon

Celox Rapid Ribbon Gauze for narrow wounds offers treatment of injuries with minimal cube and discrete carry for tactical use.

Celox Applicator Pack


Celox-A is a fast way of applying the proven Celox granules and is especially useful for narrow entry or exit injuries such as gunshot or stab wounds.

All forms of Celox use the same proven Celox technology, so you can be confident in their safety and performance.

1: Comparison of novel hemostatic gauzes to Quikclot CombatGauze in a standardized swine model of uncontrolled hemorhage. Rall JM et al report #TR-2012-22, Naval Medical Research Unit, San Antonio, 2012.

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