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 Celox in the news



Celox Rapid is reported by LifeScience UK – see page 36.

“Celox Rapid can control the most serious life-threatening bleeding with just 60 seconds compression.”



ADS LogoCoverage of the Celox Rapid Gauze launch

“Celox Rapid, the fastest acting battlefield haemostat on the market.”


expressLifesaving action on the battlefield and the fastest casevac to damage control surgery.

“Comrade was dead for three minutes but I had to save him”


BBC NewsForestry worker with chainsaw, treating Jugular sever haemorrhage.

“From touching your jugular vein they reckon you have four minutes before bleeding out.”




May 2016

Special Operations Medical Association (SOMSA). 23-26 May, Charlotte NC.  

July 2016

Tactical Combat Casualty Care pre-conference at Wilderness Medical Society, 31 July, Telluride Co.  

August 2016

MHSRS, Orlando Fl.

Success Stories

Hand crush injury

Regarding CELOX, we have some results from one of the biggest hospitals in Lithuania; they tried it on a man whose hand was crushed in…

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