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Celox has been tested on the battlefield, in clinical settings and in the laboratory. This page presents just some of  the laboratory tests that show that Celox Gauze has never been outperformed in testing.  This is reinforced by the human clinical results to make up the evidence behind Celox.

Naval Medical Research Unit report 20121

This is the latest study and was initiated to review the DoD recommendation for choice of hemostatic gauze.  Five hemostatic gauzes including Celox Gauze were compared in a test of severe arterial hemorrhage.  In the test Celox Gauze demonstrated a higher observed rate of survival than the Combat Gauze, in fact you can see from the graph, Celox Gauze had the highest observed survival out of all the products tested.

US military study to review haemostatic gauze

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  • 90% observed survival, compared to 60% (Combat Gauze) or 70% (Chitogauze) in US Navy study.
  • Celox had the lowest observed total blood loss in the same study and highest observed overall haemostasis.

Note: one of the products in the study, Celox Trauma Gauze, is now discontinued.  We now market only Celox Gauze and the new Celox Rapid Gauze for hemostatic gauze due to their superior performance.

Watters 20112

This was a model with reduced compression time, to reflect the limits of “care under fire”.

  • Superior observed hemostasis compared to Combat Gauze in a model of care under fire: (75 % compared to 50 %).
  • Post-treatment blood loss 110 ml, compared to 194 ml for Combat Gauze.


Celox Gauze has been trialed in independently operated pre-clinical tests.  In any study designed to compare product directly, Celox Gauze has been the leading product in key outcomes when compared to any product currently available and approved for use. 

  1. Rall JM et al. Technical Report #TR-2012-22. NMRU, San Antonio, 2012
  2. Watters JM, et al. J Trauma 2011; 70: 1413-1419.

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