How To Use Celox Blood Clotting Products

Using Celox blood clotting products is easy. You just place it on the bleeding area and apply pressure. This pressure forces the Celox into close contact with the bleeding area.

For minor bleeding, finger tip pressure is effective and an efficient clot will form within one minute.

For more major bleeding full compression (as taught as part of First Aid Training) for 3 minutes is required. This gives the Celox gel plug time to form and strengthen to hold back major bleeding.

Celox flakes swell, gel, and stick together when in contact with blood to make a gel like plug. This pseudo-clot sticks well to moist tissue to plug the bleeding site.

Basic pictorial guides to the use of Celox

These downloadable pictorial guides offer quick visual instructions showing how to use Celox blood clotting products.


How to Use Celox Blood Clotting products

How to Use Celox Blood Clotting Gauze

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