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CPJ and Medtrade to distribute CELOX lifesaving medical supplies in Ukraine

Monday, May 9th, 2022

New York, May 6, 2022 – As the war in Ukraine enters its third month, journalists facing increased risks in their daily reporting will receive lifesaving medical supplies through a new partnership between the Committee to Protect Journalists and the medical device company Medtrade, the manufacturer of CELOX Hemostatic Technology. The medical supplies, designed to stop hemorrhaging within 60 seconds of application, will be delivered mainly to local and freelance journalists who have limited access to such tools.

“Journalists in Ukraine face unimaginably difficult conditions. They brave snipers and shelling. Some have been critically injured. CPJ is grateful to Medtrade for helping us to significantly enhance the safety of these journalists so they can continue to work and bring the world crucial and timely news about the war in Ukraine,” said Lucy Westcott, CPJ’s emergencies director.

Hundreds of these kits are already being distributed and will consist of a supply of CELOX Gauze and Silvapro burn dressings desperately needed by those on the front line. Working alongside both local and international news outlets, CPJ is facilitating the distribution of these devices with a particular focus on getting them into the hands of local and freelance journalists, who are often the most vulnerable and lack the safety resources that larger outlets might be able to provide.

Medtrade’s CELOX hemostatic gauze is a British medical technology that can be used to stop bleeding in 60 seconds and is used by the UK Ministry of Defence and other key militaries across the world, making it a crucial life-saving tool for journalists working on the frontlines of the war. In conjunction with the Ukrainian Ministry of Health, the CELOX Medical Team mobilized quickly to join CPJ in this conflict response effort, delivering over 300,000 CELOX products since the start of the war.

“We are delighted to work in partnership with CPJ to equip journalists who are putting their life on the line to report on the critical situation in Ukraine,” said Russ Mably, CEO of Medtrade.

CPJ has confirmed that at least seven journalists have died while covering the war, and is investigating whether at least five others were killed because of their work. CPJ has also documented dozens of threats, targeted attacks, and kidnappings, alongside the inherent danger of operating in an active warzone. In the weeks following the invasion, CPJ has widely shared physical, digital, and psychosocial safety advice for journalists on the ground and has been providing detailed guidance to journalists seeking specific safety information.

If you or a journalist you know are in need of assistance, please reach out to For more information about how to use the CELOX Gauze kits, please visit  

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