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For topical hospital procedures and the emergency room.

Safe, powerful topical hemostatic agent made from chitosan polysaccharide.

Omni-Stat works by absorbing fluid from the blood and gelling, to create a mechanical plug over the bleeding source16. Studies support that this mechanism of action works independently of classic coagulation pathways17.

  • Fast – rapid coagulation in as little as 1 minute
  • Safe – non-allergenic, non-exothermic, and biocompatible14,18,19,22
  • Allows for more aggressive debridement of necrotic chronic wounds
  • Easy to use
  • Cost-effective


The Omni-Stat Advantage

In a 40 patient study on chronic wounds after sharp debridement, Omni-Stat demonstrated significantly reduced time to achieve hemostasis, at the same time reducing patient discomfort and improving wound bed appearance21.


The Omni-Stat range of hemostats are indicated for external use in moderate to severe bleeding including debridement, topical procedures, podiatry, ENT, Emergency Department or ICU use.

Omni-Stat has been tested clinically with effective results in a range of patients following debridement17.   Omni-stat hemostats are indicated for use under the direction of a physician.

Case Example

Diabetic foot ulcer patient on Plavix, Warfarin and Aspirin before and after 2 minutes pressure to stop bleeding.

Omni-Stat is available in 2 preparations.  Gauze 4×4 inch pads and 3g sachet of granules. Omni-Stat granules are effective even on blood containing Heparin or Warfarin.


Ordering Information

Granules 3g sachets: FG04530401

Gauze 4×4 inch pads: FG04530411

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