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The CELOX Advantage

Celox stands for treating the most severe trauma injuries by providing innovative, reliable lifesaving medical products.  Our product range includes haemostatic dressings and chest seal dressings.


Haemostatic agents are dressings designed to stop external bleeding from traumatic injuries such as gunshot, blast or stab wounds, as well as from vehicle accidents or power tools. They are used at the very first point of care and whenever needed before a patient reaches surgery.

Chest Seals: penetrating injuries to the chest can lead to one or both lungs collapsing and cause death by loss of oxygen.  This is the third most common cause of preventable battlefield death23.  Chest seal dressings work by sealing over the injury to manage the situation and allow the responder to then treat pneumothorax (fluid in chest cavity) or haemothorax (blood in chest cavity).  Our chest seal dressings, FOXSEAL & FOXSEAL VENTED, provides dependable treatment for open chest wounds in the most challenging situations.


Applications for Celox

  • Military
  • Tactical and Security Services
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Workplace and Remote First Aid


Why Celox is superior

Celox Rapid Gauze stands out due to its speed and effectiveness.  It drastically reduces the treatment time needed to hold pressure to control bleeding, from three minutes to just one minute for a severe arterial injury.  It speeds up the time applying the dressing to the wound, saving precious seconds, which quickly add up in a traumatic situation.  


The Evidence

Celox has excellent clinical results.  Some of the clinical reports and key independent pre-clinical studies on Celox are summarised below. Please contact us for a monograph of all relevant studies.

1.  Human clinical results with Celox.

1.1  Field Experience with a Chitosan-based Haemostatic Dressing2

Celox Gauze was used to control bleeding in a range of severe injuries by military forces (in Afghanistan) and Emergency Services use in the Netherlands. 

  • Includes gunshot injury, road traffic collision, crush and fall injuries
  • In all the cases there was no leakage or re-bleeding when it was removed, up to 24 hours later

Conclusion: “a safe and useful tool in stopping or controlling external blood loss”

1.2  Celox (Chitosan) for Haemostasis in Massive Traumatic Bleeding: Experience in Afghanistan 3

A report from use in Afghanistan studies 21 cases where Celox has been used to treat gunshot wounds including neck, shoulder, upper and lower limb injuries (see figure).  Bleeding was life-threatening in 15 cases.  

“A quick and efficient hemostatic action, producing a stable clot”

  • Stopped bleeding in all cases
  • Included cases where tourniquet use was not effective

2.  Key Pre-clinical Studies

2.1  Chitosan Based Advanced Hemostatic Dressing is Associated with Decreased Blood Loss in Swine Uncontrolled Hemorrhage Model 9

This study was carried out on a model of Care Under Fire, comparing Celox Rapid, Combat Gauze* and plain gauze.  

  • Hemostasis achieved:  Celox Rapid 100 %, Combat Gauze 83 %, plain gauze 83 %
  • Blood lost during treatment was significantly reduced for Celox Rapid by 60 % compared to Combat Gauze and by 71% compared to plain gauze
  • Time taken to pack the wounds was significantly reduced for Celox Rapid compared to Combat Gauze or plain gauze


2.2  Comparison of Novel Hemostatic Dressings with QuikClot Combat gauze in a standardized swine model of  Uncontrolled Hemorrhage 5

This study was carried out in order to review the US DoD recommendation for choice of haemostatic gauze. 

  • 90% survival for Celox Gauze, other products achieved 50 – 70 %
  • Significantly reduced blood loss 10 minutes after treatment for Celox Gauze, compared to Combat Gauze
  • Celox Gauze final blood loss 29 ml/kg, compared to 63 for Combat Gauze and 32-64 for other treatments

Note: one of the products in the study, Celox Trauma Gauze has been discontinued since 2012.  We market Celox Gauze and the new Celox Rapid Gauze for haemostatic gauze due to their superior performance.


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