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Welcome to Celox Medical the home of Celox Trauma Products

Celox Trauma Products are a solution to care providers responding to casualties with trauma related injuries, such as external hemorrhage, burns or bleeding chest wounds. Trauma is the leading cause of preventable death on the battlefield and a leading cause of death in the civilian setting where uncontrolled haemorrhage
is responsible for over 35% of pre-hospital deaths.

Celox haemostats

Stop bleeding fast and are made using our propriety Chitosan, macro-sized granular flakes of pure Chitosan. A natural organic material that can be broken down within the body. Celox hemostats are different from other agents that use inorganic minerals that rely on the body’s natural clotting mechanisms which can be compromised with severe blood loss. Celox is different because it works independantly of the bloods clotting mechanism and works by a physical interation with the blood to form a pseudo-clot. Learn more.

Silvapro burn dressings

Provide an antibacterial barrier for burns that can be applied dry and wetted to cool the burn. 1st and 2nd degree burns can be covered with Silvapro for up to 7 days. The combination of Chitosan and ionic Silver work together to inhibit the growth of bacteria. Learn more.

Foxseal occulsive chest seals

The Dependable chest seal that you can trust in the treatment of a sucking chest wounds. A sucking chest wound occurs when the chest is penetrated by a projectile or object, allowing air to move between the chest cavity and the outside environment. When breathing in, air is drawn through the sucking chest wound into the chest cavity. This air may accumulate in the space between the lung and its lining called the pleural space. When breathing out, some portion of that air may escape. A sucking chest wound not only impacts on the ability to breath and getting oxygen into the blood stream it also puts the casualty at risk of pneumothorax or tension. Learn more.

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