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Rapid haemostat strengthens UK distribution

Wednesday, January 30th, 2019

Emergency wound care and haemostatic agent specialist Celox™ Medical has appointed SP Services as the sole distributor for its range of products in the United Kingdom. Clients nationwide will benefit from faster and more effective supply across the whole range of Celox haemostats. This includes Celox’s latest technology, the Rapid haemostatic gauze.

SP Services is one of the leading distributors of medical supplies to the UK market, experienced in serving emergency services and first aid clients, as well as other business and industry sectors. Clients range from the UK Border Agency and the NHS Ambulance Service to Cathay Pacific Airways and the London Fire Brigade. This appointment gives organisations greater access to emergency trauma wound-care products for pre-hospital environments including Celox Medical’s new, fast-acting Celox Rapid haemostatic gauze.

SP Services head office, Telford, United Kingdom

“The Celox range of products has proven itself to be among the most effective haemostatic products on the market,” explained Geraint Lloyd, business manager of Celox Medical. “As such, the products have always been in high demand globally, particularly among military forces and emergency services. However, we’ve seen this demand increase recently, with the UK MOD naming Celox Rapid as its haemostat of choice and a growing body of research supporting the speed and effectiveness of Celox Medical.”

Existing customers supplying the Celox Medical range of products will continue to experience the same quality of customer service and support, as SP works with each member to ensure optimal levels of service are maintained.

“This appointment will help us to leverage SP Services’ UK distribution network to reach further, in turn allowing more organisations to improve the quality and standard of their pre-hospital trauma care. With this, more people will be able to survive potentially life-threatening accidents and injuries” continued Geraint Lloyd.

A paper published in The Journal of Emergency Medical Services in 2013 noted that approximately five million people died from accidental and non-accidental trauma annually.1 These complications can be successfully prevented by the timely application of a haemostatic dressing2,3 such as Celox Rapid.

“The speed and efficiency of SP Services in distributing these products will be invaluable in helping both companies reduce fatalities from trauma wounds. We are delighted to be joining forces with Celox Medical in this cause. Working closely together will help leverage both organisations’ expertise in tackling this huge number of casualties and save lives,” stated Simon Leggett, managing director of SP Services (UK) Ltd.

Celox Rapid haemostatic agent, available in the UK via SP Services.

Celox Medical developed its first chitosan-derived haemostatic product in 2006, with four generations of products released by the brand in the intervening years. Celox haemostats rapidly promote clot formation, through absorption and dehydration. This is done independently of the body’s clotting mechanism and without exothermic reaction or damage to the surrounding tissues.4,5 Celox’s clotting ability has been proven to work in the cold6 and in the presence of common anticoagulants such as warfarin and heparin7,8.  

The most recent addition to the Celox product range is Celox Rapid, a fast-acting haemostatic gauze, with a compression time of 60 seconds, or until bleeding stops9.

To contact SP Services and inquire about the Celox range of emergency wound care, call  Kate Slack (Director of Sales and Marketing) on +44 (0) 1952 288 999, email kate.slack@spservices.co.uk or visit the SP Services website.


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