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US military recommends new treatment for troops to save lives on the battlefield.

Monday, April 14th, 2014

The US military are adopting new technologies to save soldiers’ lives on the battlefield, with the approval of a bandage that can stop catastrophic arterial bleeding in three minutes. 

hemostatic bandage TCCC approved

The Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care (CoTCCC), which is responsible for recommending the frontline medic training and equipment for all US front line troops, voted to approve the use of Celox Gauze, paving the way for troops to include it in their packs.  Hemorrhage (blood loss) is the leading cause of preventable death on the battlefield as well as one of the major causes of civilian trauma death.  Traumatic injury is a leading cause of mortality in adults up to age 40.

The US Navy tested five treatments in the lead up to this decision and Celox Gauze had the highest rate of survivability of any of them.  In the review before the decision, Celox Gauze was found to have specific advantages over the existing treatments.  Celox has a unique technology that allows it to work on the most severe bleeding where current treatments are not effective. It looks like a simple gauze bandage, but has been coated with Celox Granules to give its unique properties.  In many of the worst injuries, the blood lost causes the body’s natural clotting abilities to fail, but Celox acts independently of the body’s mechanism and continues to work in this situation, where other treatments that work by accelerating the body’s own clotting process can fail.

Not only that, but the product is fully FDA cleared and has been in use with British and other ISAF troops for some time, with excellent results, for example:

The patient had several gunshot wounds to an arm, leg and buttock.  Bleeding was most persistent from the buttock wound. Packing with sterile gauze was not enough to stop the blood flow, so Celox Gauze was packed in to the wound and stopped the bleeding.  The Celox was removed 24 hours later and there was not more bleeding in that time.

Chris Marsden from Medtrade said “Celox works alongside other innovations from the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, such as the new tourniquets and drugs that help keep blood clots intact.  It stops bleeding with simple pressure and is simple and rugged for front-line use.  We’re delighted with this review by the CoTCCC and to be able to make a difference in this area.”


The US military review follows a recent trend in which increasing numbers of civilian emergency services are reviewing their equipment and taking on new treatments.  In a large part this is a response to the tragedies of the Boston marathon bombing as well as new guidelines for responses to indiscriminate shootings.  For example, in the Massachusetts area around Boston the regional council for Homeland Security has prescribed new hemorrhage control kits for their responders which include the Celox bandages.

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