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Using Celox Gauze and Celox Rapid in transit and prolonged care

Thursday, December 17th, 2015

Controlling bleeding is part of remote medicine and remote medicine implies being a long way from help.

That means that the solution to stopping bleeding needs to be durable and safe until the caregivers can get the patient to definitive care.  Recently the changing strategic situation with longer missions being undertaken, usually by Special Forces, means there is increasing focus on prolonged care from military users.  Haemostats need to be able to provide confidence in situations of longer evacuation times, while still getting to care as fast as possible.

Controlling bleeding in remote medicineWe recently went through the published cases where Celox has been used and found that in a lot of cases the product has been left in place for 24 hours or longer with no leaks, re-bleeding or complications.   In one series of cases using Celox Gauze1, there were three cases in which the Celox Gauze was left in place for 24 hours without any re-bleeding.  In their other cases, although the time was shorter there was no Controlling bleeding in Remote medicineleakage or re-bleeding from treatment, through helicopter transfer to removing the gauze in the hospital.   In another report2, doctors from The UK Defence Medical Services published haemostatic dressing effectiveness including two patients with prolonged application of Celox Gauze for 12 and 24 hours without any leaks, re-bleeding or complications from treatment at Camp Bastion.

In a field transport test published at ATACCC 20113 on dressing stability Celox Rapid had zero re-bleed compared to 60 % re-bleed for Combat Gauze.  The models in this test were treated and wrapped by experienced combat medics before being transported in a jeep over rough ground to simulate evacuation.

So whether it is in a designed study or whether it is in clinical cases, Celox is keeping control of the bleeding in challenging situations and playing a role in the need to look after patients over longer distances and times – there when you need it.

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