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join our scientific webinar and learn how celox rapid can support you in the most life critical situations.

There have been significant advancements in scientific understanding and technology with respect to bleeding and hemostasis. Despite this, trauma remains the leading cause of human morbidity and mortality. Whilst most hemostatic dressings are made to stop bleeding and prevent unnecessary death, not all work the same way. Some depend on the blood’s clotting mechanism. Coagulation is blood’s natural clotting process, and can often be compromised. Hypothermia is one major contributor to blood thinning and reducing its ability to clot. 

The webinar focuses on Celox Rapid’s ability to control hemorrhage independent of the clotting mechanism or other environmental conditions that can impact the body’s ability to stop bleeding. Here at Celox Medical, we have developed a range of hemostats, proven in the battlefield, and ready to support you in the most life critical situations, with confidence.

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