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Hemostatic Granule Applicator

High speed delivery

Treats injuries fast with the power of Celox Granules in a pre-filled applicator.

Injuries such as blast or knife wounds are very difficult to treat and often lethal. Celox™-A is a unique applicator delivery system pre-packed with 6g of Celox™ granules and designed to get directly to the bleeding site in just a few seconds.

  • High-speed applicator for gunshot, blast or stab wounds
  • Delivers 6g of Celox Granules directly to the source of the bleeding
  • Promotes rapid coagulation
  • Works in hypothermic conditions and clots heparinized blood

Unrivaled performanceHemostatic Granule Applicator results

Celox-A has excellent results in independent testing outperforming Combat Gauze. Celox-A uses the proven Celox granules for maximum performance and reassurance of a safe, effective product.

 Carry Celox-A for:

  • Knife wounds
  • Shrapnel wounds from blasts
  • Bullet entry wounds
  • Controlled application to all wounds


* Not indicated for junctional wounds not amenable to pressure

* The bleeding site must be visualized prior to application of Celox Granules; blind application to a bleeding site should be avoided

Ordering Information

Celox™–A: FG0883071A, NSN: 6510-01-623-9943

Hemostatic Granule Applicator celox-a-rx

Hemostatic Granule Applicator


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