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Silvapro Antibacterial Burn Dressing

The antibacterial burn dressing that provides dual cooling and antibacterial protection in a single solution*. Indicated for the pre-hospital management of first and second degree burns.

Silvapro provides an effective barrier against contamination, while silver ions in the dressing directly destroy bacteria.1 On wetting with water, Silvapro creates a soft, cohesive gel that intimately conforms to the wound surface1. Fluid held in the gel provides a rapid cooling effect that helps relieve pain from burn wounds, and is sustained for four hours2-5. Silvapro also offers a high capacity for wound fluid absorption and effectively manages exudate1.


  • Effective antibacterial protection1
  • Upto 4 hours sustained cooling (after 4 hours, the dressing needs re-wetting)1
  • Use wet or dry (can work with exudate)
  • Covers up to 9% total body surface area (TBSA)
  • Small packs – convenient to carry in the field
  • Easy, one-piece removal


  • Combination of Chitosan and Ionic Silver
  • Pre-hospital management of 1st and 2nd degree burns 
  • Each dressing contains 0.75% by weight of ionic Silver
  • FDA Cleared
  • 3 years shelf life

Ordering Information

  • 5in x 5ft Dressing: FG08825181
    Covers up to 9% TBSA
    Approximately one arm or leg
  • 5in x 9in Dressing: FG08825191
    Covers up to 2% TBSA
    enough to cover the outside or palm of a hand



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