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Stop bleeding fast with the proven, safe hemostat.

Protecting the public from danger includes putting yourself at risk. Safety is built on awareness, training and the right equipment. Celox hemostats are a key part of the medical toolkit, they stop life-threatening bleeding fast, buying time until EMT teams can take over. Celox is proven on the batttlefield in Afghanistan in the most catastrophic injuries. It has excellent published results on gunshot wounds, vehicle accident injuries and others. In recent Department of Defense testing, Celox Hemostatic Gauze showed the highest survival levels of all tested hemostats. Celox is also easy to use and safe and produces no heat. It is the common sense choice to protect officers and the public .

The Tactical Advantage

In tactical or emergency situations, time is even more critical.  Celox Rapid Gauze offers the fastest solution available to stop critical bleeding.  

Celox products for LE

The following Celox products are particularly useful for law enforcement field medicine where speed and asurance of success are vital.

 Celox Rapid

Celox Rapid Gauze

Celox Rapid Gauze is the latest product with the fastest treatment time, saving over 2 minutes compared to other product and changing the way tactical medicine can be carried out on duty.  

Celox Applicator Pack


Celox-A is a fast way of applying the proven Celox granules and is especially useful for narrow entry injuries such as gunshot or stab wounds.


Success Stories

Jugular injury

The 21-year-old man was working 25 feet up a tree when he slipped and inflicted deep wounds to his neck and arm with a chainsaw….

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