Celox™ Rapid Ribbon Gauze


The first compact carry minimal compression time gauze for narrow entry wounds.




CeloxTM Rapid Ribbon brings all the benefits of Celox Rapid Gauze in a 1 inch strip. The low profile pack means Celox Rapid Ribbon is easily concealed and the reduced size makes it ideal for treating narrow entry wounds such as bullet, blast fragment and stab injuries.


The Best Solution for Direct Threat Care

Celox Rapid considerably reduces treatment time compared to Combat GauzeTM and ChitoGauzeTM, by on average halving the packing time of the competitive 12ft gauzes1 and speeding up compression time2, both in laboratory tests. Independent laboratory testing has shown that the reduced treatment time offered by Celox Rapid significantly reduces blood loss in comparison to Combat Gauze3 and evacuation tests have shown that Celox Rapid maintains its volume and adhesion to wet tissue during use, with no re-bleeding and hemostasis maintained during transport4.


Product and Ordering Details

CeloxTM Rapid Ribbon, Hemostatic Z-Fold gauze strip. Product Code FG08839041 NSN 6510016239442

For USA and Canada please contact celoxenquiries@medtrade.co.uk , Toll free: 844.692.3569


 How to Use

Simple application guide


Celox™ Rapid Ribbon Uses

Celox Rapid Ribbon has many applications especially in the following markets:



The US Department of Defense’s Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care (CoTCCC) has added CELOX™ Gauze to its guidelines for control of hemorrhage as approved hemostatic agents for military-wide use.   Already in use by US Special Forces due to it’s superior results, the approval of the CoTCCC makes CELOX™ Gauze a standard ordering and procurement hemostatic dressing for all branches of the US military.


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Combat GauzeTM is a registered trademark of Z-Medica Corporation. ChitogauzeTM is a registered trademark of Hemcon Medical Technologies.

Celox Rapid Ribbon with typical traveller pocket contents

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