Celox™Rapid Gauze

Celox Rapid hemostatic dressing

  • Because one minute matters.


  • The fastest acting hemostatic dressing.


  • Reduces blood loss.



Tactical Medicine means working in urgent and possibly life-threatening conditions.  Celox™ RAPID hemostatic dressing bridges the significant capability gap between this urgency and the current standard of treatment for hemorrhage control. Celox RAPID offers a step change in speed, reducing packing time to one minute.  This breakthrough expands the  utility of hemostatics in Tactical Field Care.

Tested to Extremes

Celox RAPID hs been tested and stops arterial bleeding with minimal compression time1, speeding up treatment compared to Combat Gauze.  Independent laboratory testing2 on Celox RAPID has shown that this faster treatment significantly reduces blood loss compared to Combat Gauze*.  As well as reducing treatment time and blood loss, a laboratory model of tactical evacuation showed that the Celox RAPID Gauze stayed in place during transport with no re-bleeding3, so the benefits of reduced blood loss are carried through to the next echelon of care.

 Product and Ordering Details

Celox Rapid, Hemostatic Z-Fold gauze strip, containing 9g of Chito-R.  Product Code FG08839011 NSN 6510016239903

For USA and Canada please contact celoxenquiries@medtrade.co.uk , Toll free: 844.692.3569

How to Use

Simple Application Guide.


Celox™ RAPID Uses

Celox RAPID hemostatic dressing has many applications especially in the following markets:



The US Department of Defense’s Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care (CoTCCC) has added CELOX™ Gauze to its guidelines for control of hemorrhage as approved hemostatic agents for military-wide use.   Already in use by US Special Forces due to it’s superior results, the approval of the CoTCCC makes CELOX™ Gauze a standard ordering and procurement hemostatic dressing for all branches of the US military.


Pre-hospital Bleeding

You never know what you’ll be up against next. Every year thousands of trauma victims die of hemorrhage from assault, vehicle collision, workplace and domestic accidents. As the first person on scene, you are faced with these emergencies at any time and the need to preserve life and minimise harm to casualties.


Law Enforcement

Protecting the public from danger includes putting yourself at risk. Safety is built on awareness, training and the right equipment. Celox hemostats are a key part of the medical toolkit, they stop life-threatening bleeding fast, buying time until EMT teams can take over.


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* Trademark of Z-Medica LLC.

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