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Celox Gauze


Recommended by the US Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care (CoTCCC)1 and is used by NATO forces and first responder units around the world.

Celox™ Gauze is designed to help stop bleeding from emergency life-threatening injuries.

Independent comparative tests in the form of a meta-analysis reported a statistically significant improvement in survival with Celox Gauze, compared to alternative agents.2

  • Published success in the field.3,4

  • Successfully stops leakage.3

  • Celox gauze was associated with a significantly reduced amount of blood loss after treatment.5

  • Can be used on patients on anticoagulant therapy or patient with trauma induced coagulopathy.6

  • Improved survival.2

Celox stops severe traumatic bleeding

In a meta-analysis within a combat setting, where minimising treatment time was highly desirable, Celox Gauze outperformed the other haemostatic agents tested, and was the only one to demonstrate a statistically significant improvement in survival, including in the more severely injured.2

Of 3,792 cases, a haemostatic dressing was applied in 317 (either Celox, Hemcon or QuikClot). When comparing patients who had a haemostatic dressing applied versus no haemostatic agent, there was a 7% improvement in survival. Celox was the only individual hemostatic dressing that was associated with a statistically significant improvement in survival, which was most apparent in the more severely injured (NISS 36–75).2

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5’ Z-Fold Gauze: FG08838031, NSN: 6510016239910

To access information on product intended use, warnings, precautions, and contradictions, please click the link below:

Celox Medical – IFUs

*In vivo studies       **In vitro studies


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6. Metrade Data on file CSCGA003


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