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Success Stories



Ben, a former Sergeant in the Royal Corps of Signals served 16 years for the British Armed Forces. He recounts his experience whilst on active duty, stressing the importance of being trained and carrying the correct kit on your person at all times. ‘Back in January 2019, whilst on active duty, I was involved in…
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Haemorrhage control in the battlefield

The Royal Marines are a highly specialised infantry force, trained to deal with a wide range of threats across the globe as part of the UK’s rapid reaction force. In recent years, the Royal Marines have played a leading role in the war in Afghanistan. Here, former Royal Marine Commando Robert Jacomb recounts 24 hours…
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Emergency care in Afghanistan

Since 2001, over 3,500 soldiers from the Western coalition have been killed in Afghanistan, while on the US-led Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF). Many fatalities have been the result of hostile action and here, Troy Robson, a former Sergeant in the Royal Marines, recounts an incident whilst on tour and the benefits of carrying the latest…
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Blast Injury

The Celox applicator that I used was very easy. I actually primed the end of the barrel a little to make sure that it was not clogged. I inserted it about 2 inches into the wound and inserted all of its contents without any problems in about 1 second. The wound was a blast injury…
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Blast injury: tactical squad

After I received the Celox I was wondering how I would test it, but the solution came very soon. I suffered a blast injury on my left hand, accompanied by massive bleeding. I was alone, and it took several minutes for my colleague to come for me. I forced myself to stay cautious and I…
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Tactical squad officer

Brachial artery gunshot wound

I attended a multiple shooting as part of an ambulance crew a few months ago in xxx City and whilst treating a GSW victim, a colleague shouted to me he couldn’t control the bleeding on another victim, which was a brachial artery bleed from a shotgun. We packed the wound out with Celox Gauze, applied…
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Security trainer

Deep femoral bleed

I finally got to try CELOX and was very impressed. Had a casualty in a controlled environment with a deep femoral bleed. A tourniquet was initially placed on the wound. The wound was wiped out with Kerlix and CELOX was poured into the wound. The tourniquet was removed, whilst direct pressure was applied to the…
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SSG(P) Jason

Impressed by clotting capability

Some of my medics used CELOX a few weeks ago and were very impressed with its clotting capability. We only had one re-bleed but that was because the medic didn’t actually visualize the site and simply poured the packet into the wound cavity. Repositioning the patient so the CELOX came in contact with the wounded…
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Ken B, US Army

Leg Injury

While on patrol an Afghan National Army soldier was injured as a result of an IED blast. He sustained a below knee traumatic amputation of the left leg and was initially treated on the scene by Afghan medics who applied both tourniquet and dressings to the injury. Following treatment of the injured leg we found that…
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Works in ‘the real world’

I have used your product in the real world and it works great, plus the price and performance is twice that of the competitive products. I am trying hard to get my command on board but do not have any left on me to show them. I only had three packages and used them all.…
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Senior Medic, US Special Forces

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