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Success Stories


Ben, a former Sergeant in the Royal Corps of Signals served 16 years for the British Armed Forces. He recounts his experience whilst on active duty, stressing the importance of being trained and carrying the correct kit on your person at all times.

‘Back in January 2019, whilst on active duty, I was involved in an incident that has since changed my life. I was shot numerous times and received blast/fragmentation injuries to my upper torso and both arms. My left arm seemed to of taken the brunt of the impact and sustained traumatic injuries.

I quickly found myself looking down at a massive hole in my arm and blood coming from numerous other injuries on my body. Fortunately, trained medics and a military doctor were on the scene. I was quickly administered lifesaving first aid. Tourniquets were applied to both arms within seconds, and Celox Gauze was instantly packed in my left arm to stop the bleeding. A pressure bandage was applied, and I was evacuated from the scene and taken to hospital.

4 operations were undertaken to stabilise me and debride my wounds. Followed by a 5th operation lasting over 12 hours which saw the plastics surgeon reconstruct my left arm from the elbow down with tendon, nerve, and skin grafts.

After months of rehabilitation, I am left with less than 60% functionality. 

Looking back on my experience, I have taken the time to reflect. Recognising that having a trained medic/doctor on the scene with the correct tools to stop the bleed saved me from losing my arm, or worse, bleeding out.

Having an early life-saving intervention such as Celox to stop the bleed while being transferred to medical care is imperative. This has taught me to carry a small med bag with me everywhere I go. Always carrying Celox products on my person, knowing I could save someone’s life or limb one day.’

Ben Gallagher – Former Sergeant in the Royal Corps of Signals


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