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Celox first time use by first responder

As a Police Community Support Officer I volunteer part of my time as an NHS first responder and respond to emergencies when ambulances are too far away or not available or simply when time is of the essence.

I’d done some training in use of Celox haemostatic agents some time ago and decide to carry the product in my first aid kit on my patrol bicycle. I have very recently had two emergency situations where I had to use Celox to stop bleeding on arrival.

Vincent Preston and his trusted patrol bicycle.


In responding to one emergency, a self-harmer had cut themselves deeper than intended and was bleeding severely. I had to use Celox to pack a deep laceration to the casualty’s left forearm that went to the bone and damaged several veins. I packed the wound with Celox Z-fold gauze and I was amazed as this was the first time I had used it on a job. On handing over the casualty to the Doctors at the local hospital, they were very happy with how the bleeding had stopped. Visiting the casualty after surgery the doctors had said that the quick actions of stopping the bleed had saved the limb.

On job two I was responding to a stabbing, where the victim had been stabbed multiple times. The scene on arrival could only be described as a blood bath. It was difficult to identify where the major bleed was in my primary survey of the victim, there was that much blood everywhere. Eventually I located the primary bleed to outside of the upper thigh that had opened three major veins. I packed the wound with Celox Gauze and compressed it until the bleeding had stopped. An emergency doctor then arrived and intervened but was happy with the packing and left the Celox in place. I then travelled with the victim in an ambulance to surgery. I later found that the victim’s leg had been saved and will they will fully recover in time.

I now always carry Celox in my kit as I have seen first-hand how well the product works.

Thank you Celox.

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