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Blood on the ice: 5 Year old loses fingers ice skating

I am a MSA licensed rescue personnel and part of the personal rescue medical crew for our classic sports car club. I am medically trained to a high level and do some front line ambulance work too.

I was first introduced to Celox at a training session, hosted by MediTech at Rockingham motor raceway, where a Celox representative Mr Toni Murch explained how it worked and how it should be used.

The very first time I had actually come to use Celox, I had been working at Lakeside ice rink between 2016-2017. As you can imagine there are some quite traumatic accidents at ice rinks.

Young children are at risk of traumatic injuries when ice skating. From falls on the ice, collisions with barriers and other skaters to lacerations from the blades, even from their instructors or parents.

I was called to a 5 year old girl who had fallen from a skating aid and the person with her ran over her left hand severing two fingers and amputated one. This caused not only an extremely traumatic situation, but also a catastrophic bleed.

I used the Celox dressing as I was trained to on the course. I was a bit unsure if such a simple thing would work but it did extremely well. Within a few seconds the bleeding eased from the amputated finger and I continued to dress the severed fingers also with the Celox dressing.

The girl and family were taken to a specialised trauma hospital. A few days later her mother came to see me and explained what ongoing treatment her daughter was receiving. She wanted to pass on her thanks, not only from her family but also from the trauma team who had commented on the dressing used to stem the catastrophic bleeding and use of the Celox.

In my personal opinion if I had not used the Celox dressing to treat the injuries, the patient could well have had a far different outcome in life. I will be continuing to use Celox in my personal medical kit and recommend Celox to all of my medical colleges.

Cas Gosbee

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