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Success Stories

“Celox is by far the best kit on the market”

Phil is the Medical Director of a private safety medical company. Over the years they have become specialised in looking after film and television productions. They support everything from high-end feature films to small independent dramas and commercials. Always on hand for medical support where needed. Providing nurses, paramedics, and ambulance techs dependent on what is required. While filming, Phil describes his experience with stopping the bleed.

‘While working during the middle of the pandemic on a filming set in the Yorkshire Dales, we had members on the shoot from the electrical (sparks) team setting up lighting at the location. The team carry large cables around the location for the generators using metal trolleys.

A member of the sparks team came to me with a slight bleed on his tibia. He had caught the tip of his shin on a metal cable trolley. The wound looked reasonably shallow with a minor incision about 15mm long.

At first glance and assessment, this didn’t look like much, so I cleaned it up and placed on a couple of Steri strips, covered with a bandage dressing, and he continued his work.

He came back to see me ten minutes later; the blood was pouring from his shin out of his tibial vein and into his socks. The wound had opened up and needed urgent care.

I used a spray-on haemostat to stop the bleed initially, which did not work. I then used a pack of haemostatic granules from another manufacturer, which also did not work. The blood poured through the granules, which simply became fluffy and saturated.

As we were situated on the roadside, with people watching over, I started to feel concerned, as I could not stop the bleeding.

I went back into my kit and obtained my Celox Rapid dressing. I applied the dressing to the wound with a small amount of pressure, and the bleeding stopped immediately. I was impressed with how fast and effectively it stopped such a serious bleed. I bandaged him up and, once I was pleased with the result, I sent him over to A&E. The hospital stitched him up, and now all that can be seen is a small scar.

After two failed attempts with other haemostat products, I will now know to always reach for my Celox products first-hand in bleeding situations. Due to the speed and effectiveness, this can’t be faulted.

Celox is by far the best kit on the market in my opinion and should be the default product for anybody who knows what they are doing in pre-hospital care.’

Phil – Medical Director 

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