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Landscaping accident

Handling knives, blades, tools and heavy machinery can potentially be dangerous even for seasoned professionals

Jamie, a professional landscaper with an interest in medicine recounts his experience of how a typical day turned into one he would rather forget. Often working alone on landscaping projects James is always cautious of potential hazards on the job such as handling sharp tools and lifting heavy loads especially since James started receiving anticoagulant medication following a road racing accident over a year ago. However James always he has his trusty personal trauma kit and Celox Granules within easy reach because he knows that even the professionals can have bad days.

I was busy working away and had been cutting a geotextile fabric I had arranged on the ground before filling areas with aggregate. I’d sat my blade on the wall whilst laying the fabric, leant over [the wall] to get another piece and laid my elbow right on the tip of the blade which was now sticking up as it had slipped off the wall. The blade entered about 20-25mm deep (judging by the marks on the blade) and made quite a wide wound. My natural reaction was to flinch, which pulled the blade straight back out of my arm. I then inspected the wound in the wing mirror of my vehicle as I was working alone and there was nobody else to inspect the injury. I always carry my trauma bag in my vehicle – so instinctively I grabbed a sachet of Celox Haemostatic granules, held the wound open, filled it with the granules, laid a non-adherent dressing over the wound (I’ve found that supermarket cheap dressings are the best when it comes to actually not sticking!) and wrapped with a cohesive bandage. I would have never forgiven myself if I was not carrying it that day as I’m on Rivaroxaban, anti-coagulant therapy. Due to a large blood clot following a road racing accident in January 2016, and Celox stemmed the blood flow instantly – on replacing my dressings there was no blood spilt on the dressings. Back to work within 5 minutes!

Fantastic product! 🙂

Jamie Hail – Professional Landscaper

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