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Success Stories

Workplace / Remote


Ben, a former Sergeant in the Royal Corps of Signals served 16 years for the British Armed Forces. He recounts his experience whilst on active duty, stressing the importance of being trained and carrying the correct kit on your person at all times. ‘Back in January 2019, whilst on active duty, I was involved in…
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Workplace injury – food processing plant

I’ve used one of the Celox gauze pads on a fairly deep laceration that one of our employees had on his forearm and it works exactly like you told me it would. No problem at all, he had to have sutures and the Celox rinsed clean out of the wound leaving a nice suture line.…
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KB, Occupational Health Nurse Practitioner

Motorsport impalement

Motorsport can be a thrilling affair but it’s not without its risks. Motorbike riders in particular can present injuries that can be problematic to those responding. Helmets and protective clothing can inhibit identifying bleeding injuries, increasing the urgency for swift action. However in the following account the bleeding site was more obvious to the paramedics…
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Motorsport medic

Landscaping accident

Jamie, a professional landscaper with an interest in medicine recounts his experience of how a typical day turned into one he would rather forget. Often working alone on landscaping projects James is always cautious of potential hazards on the job such as handling sharp tools and lifting heavy loads especially since James started receiving anticoagulant…
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Jamie Hail, Professional Landscaper

Celox Rapid Usage

I had my own “Makeshift Monday” It was a perfect day out on the Texas coast. I’m sitting on my surfboard in the back of the line up watching head high waves break and roll towards the beach. I think to myself how awesome it is I’m surfing and not at work. After about an…
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Dark Angel Medical

Industrial machinery

My friend’s crew was at a job working on a machine when they heard a commotion and workers were running around freaking out. One of the worker’s biceps had been punctured and his arm was bleeding internally (turned out his artery had been nicked, no exit though). He was screaming and yelling so the crew…
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Rescue situation in a missionary hospital

I had hardly slept the night before anticipating the complexities of operating on this man’s neck. He had a mass bulging out under his right mandible which looked like a bunch of large grapes with bearded skin stretched tightly over them. The mass was smooth and lumpy and about the size of a large grapefruit.…
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JA, from a missionary facility in Africa

Tree surgeon accident

My business partner had a close shave today with a new saw, cut right across the wrist, this is the first time we have had to use Celox and I was a bit sceptical when I opened the pack, I thought it was a pack of sawdust I had been sold but hey it works!…
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Tree Surgeon, UK

Troodos Mountains trail accident

We had a situation whilst on an outdoor activity a few months ago in the Troodos Mountains where I had to treat one of my friends who injured his leg. We were following a path called “psila dendra – pouziaris” a 9km trail that passes through deep forest and small rivers which is a 4…
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Kyritsis Evangelos, Rescue volunteer of Limassol Civil Defence Rescue Team and EFR Instructor, Cyprus National Guard

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