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Success Stories

“Celox is by far the best kit on the market”

Phil is the Medical Director of a private safety medical company. Over the years they have become specialised in looking after film and television productions. They support everything from high-end feature films to small independent dramas and commercials. Always on hand for medical support where needed. Providing nurses, paramedics, and ambulance techs dependent on what…


Ben, a former Sergeant in the Royal Corps of Signals served 16 years for the British Armed Forces. He recounts his experience whilst on active duty, stressing the importance of being trained and carrying the correct kit on your person at all times. ‘Back in January 2019, whilst on active duty, I was involved in…

Emergency care in Afghanistan

Since 2001, over 3,500 soldiers from the Western coalition have been killed in Afghanistan, while on the US-led Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF). Many fatalities have been the result of hostile action and here, Troy Robson, a former Sergeant in the Royal Marines, recounts an incident whilst on tour and the benefits of carrying the latest…

Why haemorrhage control matters in motorsport

When you assemble a group of people with modified motors and ask them to drive at high speeds around a circuit of sharp turns and tight corners, accidents and injuries seem unavoidable. Despite this, motorsport accidents are infrequent, though they can be serious when they occur. Toni Murch, MCPara, HCPC registered paramedic and business development…

Haemorrhage control in the battlefield

The Royal Marines are a highly specialised infantry force, trained to deal with a wide range of threats across the globe as part of the UK’s rapid reaction force. In recent years, the Royal Marines have played a leading role in the war in Afghanistan. Here, former Royal Marine Commando Robert Jacomb recounts 24 hours…

Blood on the ice: 5 Year old loses fingers ice skating

I am a MSA licensed rescue personnel and part of the personal rescue medical crew for our classic sports car club. I am medically trained to a high level and do some front line ambulance work too. I was first introduced to Celox at a training session, hosted by MediTech at Rockingham motor raceway, where…

Cas Gosbee

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Landscaping accident

Jamie, a professional landscaper with an interest in medicine recounts his experience of how a typical day turned into one he would rather forget. Often working alone on landscaping projects James is always cautious of potential hazards on the job such as handling sharp tools and lifting heavy loads especially since James started receiving anticoagulant…

Jamie Hail, Professional Landscaper

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Motorsport impalement

Motorsport can be a thrilling affair but it’s not without its risks. Motorbike riders in particular can present injuries that can be problematic to those responding. Helmets and protective clothing can inhibit identifying bleeding injuries, increasing the urgency for swift action. However in the following account the bleeding site was more obvious to the paramedics…

Motorsport medic

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